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H2EAU Water - 100% Artesian Mineral Water in a Plant Based Carton | H2EAU Water

Pure Artesian Water

In An Earth Friendly Package

H2EAU Water

Let Plastic Go…

Stand up to plastic and make an impact on the environment today! Our H2EAU plant-based paper cartons and Bag in Box are on a mission to hydrate our nation for a healthier and happy planet. Our H2EAU results in:

  • Lowered carbon emissions
  • Less Plastic
  • Less waste

Say Hello to H2EAU!

  • Pure Prestine Artesian Water
  • Sustainable & Recyclable
  • Plant based carton
  • Cap made from sugar cane
  • Manufactured using the latest Swiss packaging technology
  • Light weight carton & refill friendly
  • H2EAU’s packaging stays cooler for longer
H2EAU Artesian Water

Sustainably Sourced

Naturally Occurring Minerals

100% Recyclable

Fully Certified

Eauvolution Beverages Head Office

Where it all began, striving for a cleaner & healthier planet, EauVolution beverages lays in the heart of the emerald Isle, Ireland. EauVolution beverages is continually working hard to preserve mother nature.

Pure Sustainable Packaging

It all begins with plants. Refined smart packaging has evolved at EauVolution beverages and is now sustainable. 88% of H2EAU’S Packaging materials are made from plants, decreasing H2EAU’S carbon footprint, 74% smaller than plastic.

Pure Artesian Water Straight from the source

H2EAU’s home lies deep in a wooded irish valley upon the emerald isle. Here in a place undetectable from land or air, is bottled one of the earths most precious and vital live commodities.